Thursday, April 17, 2014

On Vacation : Destination Zagreb

If all goes as planned, as you read this, Ava and I have arrived safely in Zagreb, Croatia. 
Place of childhood memories.
And a city I still feel I know almost as well as I know my own.
Yes, I am sure it will have changed over the years {20 since I was last back!} but some things just always stay the same.
I am excited to see and share those with my Ava Grace.
And one day, I wish to share them with my husband and my other two babies.
But for now, I will live in the moment.
And, as I promised myself earlier this year, I will enjoy each one of them and be blessed knowing how lucky we are to have the chance to experience them.

"See" you in 2 weeks!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

What I Wore : True Blue

Today's the BIG day!
We're off to Europe this evening.
Nervous. Excited.
blouse - J. Crew
necklace - Accessory Mercado
pants - H + M {last season}
clutch - Chapters/Indigo

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Monday, April 14, 2014

Taking Pictures of Children : The Outtakes

Since Ava was born, she has been my muse and the inspiration for this blog.
Hence, the blog name.
I have been taking photographs of her for just as long and though some days, she is totally in the mood and a pleasure {those days, I get more photos than I know what to do with...and of course, I can't delete a single one!} on others, not so much.
The good thing about being a mama again later in life is that I find I have SO much more patience. 
With the others, I remember getting so frustrated. Just smile already!
Now, if she's not in the mood, I know there is no changing her mind and we come back to it another time or another day. 
That said, there are still a fair share of fun outtakes.
And yes, of course I save those. 
the pick your ear {the nose is quite popular also}

Friday, April 11, 2014

My baby boy turns Twelve

Here's very new here + had a plugged tear duct on his right eye. It eventually went away. I also notice that he has a tiny cut on his thumb. I did that accidentally when I was trimming his little fingernails. I think I cried more than he did.
  I got pregnant with Julian when Isabella, our oldest, was just over 2 and a half. 
I knew almost from the beginning that he would be a boy. 
Don't ask me how...I just knew. 
I remember a colleague telling me how different being a mama to a boy would be. 
I'm not sure I wholeheartedly believed her until Julian was born. 
And then, the pure craziness set in. 
To say I was in love was an understatement.
I loved that child with everything that I was. I remember having this feeling of being about to burst whenever I would look at him. 
I carried him around until he could walk.
I'm not kidding.
The neighbour's would always make fun of the fact that I always, always had him on my right hip. Regardless of whether I was taking out the garbage or just outside chatting.
Where I was, he was.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

My Stylish Kid : Day of Pink

In support of the international day of pink, ms. Ava wore her favourite colour yesterday.
We are wholeheartedly against everything that this day stands for as are many communities across the country, and across the world, united in celebrating diversity and raising awareness to stop homophobic, transphobic and all forms of bullying. 
I wrote about my own experience with bullying here. Though nowhere near as significant as some of the news stories you hear today, it affected who I was and how I lived my life for a time. Never ok.

hat - H + M Kids {last season / we love this one}
top - Gymboree
leggings - H + M Kids {gifted} 
boots - c/o Paul Frank 

Did you wear pink where you live?
And also, know that we finally got rid of the Christmas decor that was STILL up {see Ava in front of our still decorated urn above} in the front and on the lawn. The ice storm and subsequent never-ending cold made it impossible to remove. Digging out the reindeer and sleigh was no fun but I am so glad they're finally gone!

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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

What I Wore: Biker Chic

If I had to wear one outfit everyday for the rest of my life, or at least during the long transition between seasons, a variation of this just might be it. 
Soft, distressed jeans. A perfect black sweater. Booties. Light scarf.
And a leather jacket as necessary.
I always feel current but not like I'm trying too hard. 
sweater - Joe Fresh {no longer available / love this one}
jacket - Made in Italy {similiar}
jeans - Forever XXI
booties - Derek Lam 
sunglasses - Forever XXI
tote - Winner's {great option}
What's your go-to transitional outfit or the one your reach for most often?

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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

What to Wear : Europe in the Spring

When I was turning 16, my older brother surprised me with a trip to N.Y.C. for the day. 
We flew out early morning, ate bagels in a deli for breakfast, shopped all day and flew back late that night. 
I'll never forget my then grade 10 english teacher writing back to me in my journal..."there is nothing like N.Y.C. in the Spring".
It resonated with me because she was so right. 
Not just New York, but any travel in the Spring brings an incredible newness. 
A feeling of starting over. 

This year, in less than 10 days actually, my little Ava and I will experience Croatia in the Spring. 
I look forward to feeling that same feeling of newness. Of excitement.
And here is what I plan to be wearing. 
I mean, it is Europe after all. 

Europe in the Spring
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