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Thursday, September 15, 2016

Simplifying Life with Walmart PickUp

We recently had the opportunity to experience the new Walmart PickUp service and we are HOOKED.
Every step along the way was simple and with the upcoming Back to School season upon us, I need every bit of simple I can get.

Ordering is a breeze using the online tool at Walmart.ca - items are categorized for ease and finding everything I needed was quick and easy.
I submitted an order for my standard weekly grocery list in about 10 minutes - this list is then saved and easily accessed for future use should you wish to re-order the same items.
I also remembered that Isabella need deodorant and I needed nail polish remover - revisiting my order, I was able to add these items saving me a second trip to the drugstore.
(You can place an order for SAME DAY pick up until 1:30am! How great is that?)
Once complete, a postal code look up tool lets you know which of the local stores is closest to you or, if you prefer, you can pick up at say, a store near your workplace, near your caregivers etc.
Pick ups are scheduled with a 2 hour window making it super convenient AND their are designated parking spots at each of the participating locations so that you never waste time searching for parking.

When you arrive, a convenient sign at each stop directs you to call a number and advise the team of your arrival.
They asked for my first name and which spot number I was in.
Within a couple of minutes, a delivery person came out with my groceries.
I admit, I did get out of the vehicle, (although unnecessary in future) to check out how the items were separated and packaged.
Each grocery type (dry goods, frozen foods, dairy) had a colour-coded bin - items were bagged (no charge for plastic bags!) and quickly loaded into my trunk. 
I was impressed to learn that all of my goods were NEVER touched by anyone else as they are chosen and packaged at a central warehouse and then shipped to the store of my choosing.
Frozen goods REMAINED frozen.
Milk was fresh and cool.
I was one happy mama.

I signed off for my order and was told EXACTLY how long it took to complete the entire transaction as my delivery person glanced at her stopwatch.
In my case, 1 minute and 48 seconds to be precise.
I was thanked profusely for using the service and assured, that oh yes, I would be back.
She was right.

Local friends, I encourage you to give Walmart Pick Up a try, visit the site at walmart.ca and use coupon code SEPT7 to save $10 off your first order.
Happy Shopping indeed. 

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

What I Wore : Fringed

Melanie Lyne has been a Canadian fashion staple since 1983.
Recently, I had the opportunity to re-visit the brand - spending time in one of their locations checking out their new fall line.
So many fabulous choices at price-points that won't break the bank.
With autumn quickly approaching, their selection of incredible fall sweaters, cozy capes and coats have me excited about the cooler months ahead.

sunglasses - Forever XXInecklace - J. Crew |tape yarn fringe sweater - c/o Melanie Lyne
elephant skin leggings - c/o Melanie Lyne | handbag - Rebecca Minkoffbooties - Dune London
Be sure to visit Melanie Lyne here {always free shipping with your purchase of $175+!} or at your local mall across Canada.
Happy Fall Shopping indeed.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Brow WOW

Far too many years ago, when super thin eyebrows were all the rage, I fell into a never-can-go-back trap of over-tweezing.
I was fabulous at the time. Ahem.
Today, with the return to a full brow, not so much.
Alas, there are SO many fabulous products available that have come to my rescue.
Most recently, I have been using Caryl Baker Visage's new line of fall brow products.
And all I can say is WOW.

I prefer using a pencil to fill in my brows so I used the precision brow pencil first to make the overall brow fuller. Followed up by a brush on application {super easy to use!} of the brow balm - a pot sized cream based filler. This product can be used to enhance current brows, fill in sparse spots or add a little size - super natural looking.
I then used the brow highlighter on my brow bone to brighten and provide a subtle lift. Really wanting to try the pinky shimmer version of this product although here, I am wearing the natural shade. Replaces the need to use your regular highlighter.
Lastly, I combed through using the brow ink brush - which does double-duty as it also carries pigment. A little more difficult to use I found, you have to be very precise but I am sure some gals who need a darker pigment would LOVE this product.

Eyebrows really are the basis of your look - framing your entire face.
I couldn't believe the difference it made.
Are you a brow fanatic?
I am quickly becoming one. And the right tools, make all the difference.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

What I Wore : Transitional Perfection

Excited to share our second post in conjunction with Foxcroft with you today!
See the first post here.
This jacket, also made with Tencel fabric, is THE perfect addition to my casual fall wardrobe.
Not too heavy, it's easy to bring along now for cooler summer evenings and will transition nicely for the fall days that are just ahead of us.

jacket - c/o Foxcroft | sunglasses - Aldo | bodysuit - American Eagle | necklace - J. Crew
pants - Buffalo | shoes - Ivanka Trump {no longer available - option}
Have you picked up that one perfect piece yet?
Check out the Foxcroft website for inspiration galore.

Happy Wednesday!

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Dear Ava...

Dear Ava,
What can I say about you that you don't already know?
You are smart, sweet and so full of love. Almost every day, I get a picture or a letter written in your childish handwriting telling me how much you've missed me or how I am you're favourite.
Well, you are my favourite. {shhh...don't tell the others - you each had your turn}
You are such a happy child, almost always smiling, almost always ready for anything.
You've slowed down a bit now that you're 6 and a half, preferring to stay home more often now that you've figured out you have everything you need right here.
But, usually, you are pretty much game for anything.
Especially dinner.

 Did I mention you are hungry ALL THE TIME?
We can't quite figure out where you put it all but man, you can eat little one! 
You are also talking ALL THE TIME.
Sometimes, even when you really have nothing to say. I think you get that from me. ;) 
Ava, as you start grade one next week, I want you to be strong. Patient. You will need to learn the new routine, new teachers - new friends.
You aren't the greatest with change but once you are settled in, I know you will be just fine.
You love school.
Love to learn.
LOVE to read.

You are getting so big. Wearing clothing sized 2 years older than you are.
My tall girl - with BIG feet. I think it means you have a big brain. Actually, I know it does! 
You hate getting your hair combed but refuse to get it cut.
You still sleep with your big Dora every night.
And Calvin loves you the very most.
He's no fool.

I love you more than anything my sweet baby girl.
God gave you to us and we are so blessed.

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

What I Wore : Denim For Days

I'm excited to share the first of two posts featuring Foxcroft.
Both looks feature softest chambray in tencel fabric - so soft, you forget you are wearing denim and naturally wrinkle resistant.
This dress has quickly become a favourite.
Dressed up or down, it's the perfect transitional piece that I'll wear now and well into the fall.
I love the length and the fact that it has long sleeves that can easily be rolled up or down.

dress - c/o Foxcroft | handbag - Louis Vuitton | watch - c/o Daniel Wellington | shoes - Cole Haan {on sale!}
Be sure to stop by next week to see the second look.
And shop the entire Foxcroft collection here.

linking up here.

Monday, August 29, 2016

Back to School Essentials with Church & Dwight

As much as I hate to think it, to even say it out loud, it's almost THAT time.
Back to School.
And while other mama's may look forward to this time - personally, I'm dreading having to get back into a formal routine and making lunches.
Ava on the other hand? She is beside herself with excitement and literally, counting down the days to her start of first grade.
In honour of the big day, a fun giveaway for a selection of amazing products via Church & Dwight - many of which are mainstays in our home.
To be blunt, we cannot live without Batiste dry shampoo.
I kid you not.
If you haven't tried it or any dry shampoo for that matter this is THE holy grail. 

Ava's Dress - HM Kids
  Enter below to win a selection of products from Church and Dwight just in time for Back to School
...including the Batiste Dry Shampoo. #yourewelcome

Contest Closes September 5th @ midnight

Good Luck!
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