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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

What I Wore : The Perfect White Tunic

If you're like me, then you are forever on the hunt for the perfect white blouse.
The one that fits just so and is long enough to cover slim-fit pants?
I may have found it.
In fact, it may not have been a blouse I was looking for all along - but rather, a tunic.
Longer length. But still a crisp, tailored fit.

The "Poppy" by Foxcroft is not only the perfect length, but the detail just makes even a basic pair of black leather leggings prettier.
And these days, I am all about pretty.

tunic - c/o Foxcroft | leggings | jacket | ballet flats | handbag

Happy Wednesday

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

What Ava Wore : Easter Best

There are few things I enjoy more than dressing ms. Ava Grace.
Now, at 7, she still pretty much lets me choose what she'll wear although, I have to give her options.
On this Easter Sunday, I pulled three dresses - including this one.
She tried it on first, did a few twirls and was sold.

pintuck dress {not current - options} | easter basket
And really, does anything say easter like a little pintuck dress with sash?
I don't think so.

Hoping you + yours had a blessed holiday.

Thursday, April 13, 2017


If you follow us on instagram, you might have seen a sneak peek of this casual look and announcement of our joining the Brand Ambassador program with the LNBF (Leave Nothing But Footprints) brand.
A long-time favourite organic, ethically-conscious brand that we've featured numerous times over the past year. {see here + here}
Available on-line and often at The Shopping Channel; the line has become a mainstay in the Canadian marketplace.

The caftan dress pictured in moss green is part of their just-launched Spring collection.
It works equally well with black or denim and would transition so perfectly to the beach which is wear I plan on living in it this summer.
All of the pieces from the collection really MUST be touched for you to understand how incredible the fabric really is. 95% bamboo in this particular case - soft as silk.

"Hazel" Caftan Dress - c/o LNBF | denim jacket | clutch | necklace | lace up flats 
Looking forward to warmer temps and to sharing some more of the spring line with you in the coming weeks.
Can summer be far away?

Happy Thursday.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

A Letter to my Son on his 15th Birthday

Dear Julian,
From the day you were born, you rocked my world.
Yes, I had already had a baby - your sister - but this? This was somehow different.
I was told by so many friends that a mother's relationship with a boy was truly something inexplicable.
 I doubted them.
There was no way I could love anyone as much as I loved the child I already had.
No way there could be that much love in me.
But I was wrong.

To say I was obsessed with you would be putting it mildly.
I loved you with every inch of my being. 
You were the happiest child - always smiling. In the mornings, you would lie in your crib (and later, stand up holding the wooden bars for dear life!) and SMILE.
I couldn't wait to sweep you up and start our day each day.
You were a great eater (still are!) and truly never gave me a hard time unless it was time to sleep.
You were having none of that.

I cried on friend's couches when they would let me.
So tired I could hardly stand.
Just as you would fall asleep and I would tiptoe ever so quietly out of the room - boom! You were up again.
I thought for sure those early months would kill me.
But somehow, we made it through. And eventually, you slept through the night.
Today, I can barely wake you up - and the snooze button? It's your new best friend.

As a toddler, you already started to show your shy side.
Staying as close to me as possible at all times - not that I minded.
To this day, old friends and neighbours laugh about how I always had you in my arms. 
 Me carrying you with one arm, balanced on my hip, at ALL times.
Truth be told, I hated when people asked to hold you.
And secretly, I know you hated it too.
Boys and their mamas.

Today my son, as you turn 15, I can honestly say that you were the one sent here to give me a run for my money.
The difficult child. 
The moody kid.
I haven't yet truly figured you out - I don't think anyone has.
And yes, I get calls from school on the daily.
And yes, we know it's just not your thing.
And yes, I pray that this too shall pass.
But I also know, this I feel in my heart, that one day? One day you will surprise all of us.
Your wisdom amazes me even though it is tucked so deep inside of you.
My wish for you is that you will recognize your greatness - and use it for good.

Julian, I love you more than I will ever be able to express.
You are a piece of me and the mere smell of you makes me happy.
My son, you might just be the death of me but know that no one, NO ONE, will ever love you like your mama does.

Happy Birthday my sweet boy.

Monday, April 10, 2017

New Spring MakeUp Routines + A Giveaway

Each season, I tend to change up my skin and makeup routine.
Heavier moisturizers in the winter along with full-coverage foundation and darker lipstick shades.
Tinted moisturizer and brighter blushes and lips in the warmer months.
Even my hair (which is obviously in need of a seasonal update. ahem.) gets changed up and usually lightened up as the weather changes.

This Spring is no different.
Although Mother Nature has been teasing us and even sent a little snow our way earlier this week warmer weather is definitely on it's way.
And I for one can't wait to ditch my coat and boots.
And opt for shades reminiscent of warmth.
Caryl Baker's new Coastal collection offers up shades of green, blue and coral. Reminding me of sunny days on the water. 

Shop the entire coastal collection here.
Tell me, do you lighten up your skin and makeup routine in the warmer months?
Leave a comment to be entered to win the entire Coastal collection (pictured above - ARV $75) via the team at Caryl Baker Visage.
Spring Ready? I think so.
Open to Canadian Residents only.

Good Luck!

Monday, April 3, 2017

Readers Are Leaders : I See Me Giveaway

When you're turning 7, your birthday begins months weeks before and lasts pretty much all month.
I saved one gift, this book, until after the birthday festivities were over so that she could truly enjoy it.
And enjoy she did.
She carried it to school almost daily.
They read it aloud in class.
And she showed anyone who was willing to listen - and take a look.
"See. It's me. This book is all about me. That's me in the picture even though it doesn't look like me".
(note to self: use more recent photo)

The team at I See Me Books create beautiful hardcover story books featuring your child.
With themes including introducing a new baby into the family or just turning your little one into a superhero - there is something for everyone.
You provide how much or how little information you would like to share including photos, birthdates, friends and families names - they expertly weave it into the story.
Honestly, it's the cutest thing you've ever seen.
And a cherishable keepsake that will be shared for years to come.

We're giving one away!
Enter below to win a book of your choice {ARV $34.99US}
Open to residents of Canada and the US

Can't wait? Easter Sale on now! Save 20% off your purchase.

Happy Reading.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Dear Ava...Now You're 7

Dear Ava,
Today is your birthday. 7!! 
Last night, as you went to sleep, I told you it would be your very last night going to sleep as a 6 year old. 
Time is going by far too quickly.
And as I look back at pictures of you - I feel like it was just yesterday that you came home with us. Started walking. Started talking.
Started sleeping in a big girl bed.
Started kindergarten.
Started swimming lessons.
Next, I'll be remembering when you started driving. 

You are in first grade at a new school this year and have made lots of new friends.
You love to read and are the very best in the entire class - I can't keep up with what level you are at these days. We are so proud of you.
Drawing is your very favourite thing and you have taken to watching youtube and copying an artist there - filling up your sketch books faster than I can buy them.
Although I have asked you more times than I can count, you refuse to take dance lessons insisting that you "already know how to dance". And yes it's true, you do have the moves. #yougetthatfromme
You and your brother still fight like cats and dogs. I think you enjoy irritating him and he obviously feels the same.
One day, this will all change.

If I had one wish for you on this, your 7th birthday, it would be that you always stay true to who you are.
Do what makes you happy.
And never compromise.

You are truly a special child.
Sent to me perhaps when I didn't realize I needed you most.
And today, we couldn't imagine a life without you in it.
We LOVE you Ava girl.

Have the very best day.
Tonight, we CELEBRATE you.
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